Tears tiaras and transsexuals online

But she's writing about her underage child, who may not be ready to be publicly outed just yet.

It should be the child's choice to be out only when she is ready, and not one that is forced upon her, so I think her mom made the right call in being anonymous. Thank you for listening to your child and letting her be who she is meant to be.

Despite a large and growing pile of evidence to support their existence, it seems like most Americans still don’t actually ? But we don’t really see them for what they are: A fairly uncommon but ever-present version of human being, found throughout history in every racial group, culture, nationality, religion, and class.

They are our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and yes, our children.

But when it comes to the transgender population, we seem to suffer from a chronic case of recurrent amnesia.

In 2009, Chastity Bono, only child of Cher and Sony Bono, announced to the world that he was a transgender man named Chaz.

People generally don’t reject us; instead, they tend to view my child as an exotic object of fascination, something far too rare to be threatening.

Just as we did with gay people until a few decades ago, we still speak of transgender people—if we speak of them at all—in hushed asides, as if their existence is more shadowy legend than reality, kind of like Sasquatch.

Back in 1976, professional tennis player Renée Richards made international headlines when she sought to enter the US Open as a transgender woman.

In 1992, Althea Garrison became the first transgender state legislator when she was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

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