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Producer Dirk Maggs added a suitable voice treatment, and Simon Jones as Arthur Dent recorded his lines opposite the pre-recorded Adams.

Adams was thus able to "reincarnate" to participate in the new series.

Earlier the victim (Agrajag) had dropped a book of matches which revealed the owner of the nightclub to be Stavro Mueller, and the name of the club to be Beta.

Thus, what Arthur believed to be the name of a planet was actually the name of the nightclub, and Agrajag has died once again.

Agrajag is a piteous creature that is continually reincarnated and subsequently killed, each time unknowingly, by Arthur Dent.

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Old Thrashbarg is one of the priests who worships Almighty Bob; however, Thrashbarg is often ignored by the villagers of Lamuella.The Almighty Bob appears in the fifth book, the novel Mostly Harmless.Anjie was a woman, on the brink of retirement, on whose behalf a raffle was being held in order to buy her a kidney machine.Alice Beeblebrox is Zaphod's favourite mother, lives at 10 Astral Crescent, Zoovroozlechester, Betelgeuse V, and guards the true story of Zaphod's visit to the Frogstar, waiting for "the right price." She is referenced in Fit the Eighth of the radio series.As their names were written to suggest, every Allitnil is an anti-clone of a Lintilla.

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