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They will say pay 20000rs and register and they will get you a bank loan. Then student wil get fed up of trying himself and he asks for the fees they will not give it back. See what is the package they will not put that and all in the website. Hiii Friends Let me introduce myself am Sukhil Raja. Sameer You have mentioned once just leave it, people will understand. Anyways that also you guys have the fake ones haaa haaaa.. School like this Cheat like anything by Cherian Jacob. Friends, I understand this guy called Sameer alias Muhammed or Ahammed was sent out from Rai pay roll during recession. Guys, I have posted some more comments above where I am making it clear on all about BSchools legal status and Gov and regulatory authority’s control on Bschools. But I will take on this sameer guy wherever he place stupid messages.

They threat students by telling they will sent them out. Director Cherian jacob is one of main reason for spoiling the carrers of poor students. They will say foreign tour and foregin internship but nothing they offer. They are really hurt and angry with this sameer’s postings.

Which gives correspondence or regular degree in the name of MBA.which god really knows. They do the billing everything name of tamil nadu education trust. As you said he may be jobless, or paid by someone to do this nasty job. please find a job for yourself and stop behaving like a clown. Government is not gonna spare them anymore haa haaa... Sukhil if you are genuine, be dare enough to disclose your whereabouts. He and his friend cherian starting another complaint board? I am Sahana and one of my friends studied in RBS, Chennai. They promise the students a lot of things when they join but nothing is done later. THAT, S WHY THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO GET AICTE APPROVAL. Am not like you guys to do management drama in different names.. Vasanth, I am one of the friends of Anita who studied in RBS. I feel like you are threatening a person personally in a public forum which is too bad. He has also asked so many questions and try to answer that first. You wanted your son join Rai Chennai so enquiring all points. Sameer bhai, I can see your ugly face muscles protruding while posting below message.

They itself print the degree, Marksheet & Diploma certificate and issue to the students. VERY IMP: IF YOU GET A CALL/LETTER FROM RAI BUSINESS SCHOOL DONT GO . Don't keep arguing with funny management people they are playing [email protected] are 3 possiblitites 1. All messages are on behalf of my sister who studied at RBS and her friends who are well placed. UGC or AICTE people compare with premier Institutions. People cant answer my questions but they can do all activities like this.. Then onwards he is placing multiple messages like this in multiple names in different message boards. Its only for my good friends who were suppose to join me at IIPM Delhi but joined Rai Chennai because of high fees.

As the Campus President for Fortis Institute, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I can attest that as a career college, we value integrity and have clearly stated Financial Aid standards and requirements in our policies and procedures.

If I hadnt already invested my money I would go, but Im going to finish despite this joke of a woman. You really need someone to come and see whats going on in here.

Please remember to collect at least 10 copies of both Newspapers.

These may also be helpful for any other documents in future.

Beyond the fact that you cannot ask her a question without being given a sneer, a sigh, or simply not be answered, you have to wait until she is done with her cell phone or eating her buffet at her desk.

What professional sees students with food spread everyplace?

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