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The monster which I had for so long yearned to hold, taste and have probing deep inside me, was barely an arm’s length away, lolling regally on Justin’s right thigh. I needed to satisfy my curiosity and finally discover exactly how it felt to be impaled by a foot of thick, human flesh.Forget my rigid eleven-inch silicone dong, I wanted the real thing, not a toy.One lifetime’s experience, that’s all I needed, and Justin was here, on hand, for that purpose. His meaty member flapped inches from my face as he offered his hands to help me rise. “And yes, you’re right, an escort must pamper his lady friends.” “I look forward to being pampered,” I said, “and being properly served.” I looked down at his super dark man-tool which hung heavily between his lean thighs and then I turned and walked towards the house. Justin strolled at my side and rested an arm across my shoulders. It’ll be my pleasure to do whatever you desire.” My heart pounded in my chest and my knees weakened at the thought of his mighty wand working its magic in me.

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It’s not just words or flattery, you are a very attractive woman and your husband is an extremely lucky man.” Oh dear, why did he mention husband? It’s only a small party, about nine of us I think, mostly Gaynor’s and Charlie”s work friends.” I watched Justin laugh as Mr Next Door obviously supplied the punch line to a story.Mrs Next Door grinned and her head was slightly bowed and tilted, perhaps peeking at the relaxed black baton in front of her. I’ve never been with another man since the day we married.Let’s be honest, what was coursing through my mind and body didn’t make Tony a lucky husband at all. Fact is, I’ve just come into the house to have a pee. Just a couple of shots adrift but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. ” “I played with Geoff Thomas today, you’ve met him at the club.” “Mmmm, think I remember him, grey-haired with a paunch and a loud laugh.“You get your food and I’ll pop up to my room and freshen up. I imagined he was checking the time on his wristwatch. My room is lovely and has a balcony overlooking the pool.” I opened the door and stepped out and leaned my elbows on the balcony’s outer wall. They’ve got caterers in, none of this do-it-yourself lark.” “The escort business pays well, then,” said Tony. His wife’s as small and quiet as a mouse.” “Yes that’s them, chalk and cheese, Geoff and Susan.

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