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He wanted to buy the mansion when the lease expired.

In November 2017, Dotcom announced he is going to marry his fiancé, Elizabeth Donnelly, on January 20 next year - the anniversary of the raid during which he was arrested. They have been dating for two years and recently moved to Queenstown to live.

On his 2009 visit, he bought 12 cars, valued at .2 million, and leased a helicopter on a stand-by basis.

He applied for residency and received it in November 2010.

When his semester at the University of Otago ended in November, 22-year-old student Niklas Becker decided to spend most of the next four months tramping before returning to Germany.… Jollie Brook Circuit, Lake Sumner Forest Park After seeing The Hobbit, my Dad and I were aching to get back into Middle Earth’s majestic backcountry.

Brand of the Year With five generations of manufacturing experience, the Ellis family’s products have been on expeditions that have become part of the fabric of Kiwi exploration, including… There are some things every wilderness survivor has in common, discovers Carrie Miller Jamie Hareb planned his nine-day solo hike meticulously. Plans to limit the number of people walking this and other popular trails around the country are… Rathkeale College Tramping Club isn’t averse to risk-taking in the outdoors There’s a crucial ingredient in every tramping trip that goes beyond gear, food, and navigation devices. That magazine was only published for part of the year, so... Get your photo displayed on our last weekend page and you’ll receive an Opinel No.5 folding knife worth .

Mega uses encryption to prevent government or third-party "spies" from invading users' privacy. At the time, he was living in Hong Kong, where he set up Megaupload.At the time his residency application was being considered, Dotcom had made charitable contributions in New Zealand and was planning a huge fireworks show for the city of Auckland at a cost of NZ0,000.He leased a NZM mansion at Coatesville, in the electorate of John Key near Auckland, owned by Richard and Ruth Bradley, the British founders of Chrisco, and considered one of the most expensive homes in the country.He received a two-year suspended sentence – because he was underage at the time the crimes were committed.and Schmitz cashed out, making a profit of €1.5 million.

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