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For an additional subscription you can send 100 messages a day, visit the chat room and send instant messages to other users.

A monthly subscription is listed at £20 GPS which approximately USD is making it a slightly pricy website to have full membership at. All I had to do was fill out the standard basic information and upload a photo before my account was live. Because this is a dating website for fans of Star Trek, there were many opportunities to list your favorite character and which group you most affiliate yourself with.

With barely 1000 users signed up so far, it’s clear that that the website is aiming for quality over quantity when it comes to building a strong membership base.

The creators of Star Trek Dating are on the right track when it comes to servicing a niche community that has unique common interests.

How prevalent are they on e Harmony, and is there a difference in their online dating experiences based on this preference?

From a sample of about 100,000 active e Harmony users, about 5,000 users listed ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Trek’ as their favourite movie or TV show.

Overall, the personalities of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ fans were pretty similar, but we found five distinct differences between the two groups. Humour Male ‘Star Wars’ fans were found to have more sense of humour than male ‘Star Trek’ fans.

Other than that, the website is brilliant in its approach.Although every dating website potentially has spammers, the profiles reviewed appeared to be normal users looking for a date. On the top left portion of the screen is the menu which has clearly marked links that all work.Below the menu is a feed of the top viewed members.Although there were many sections of Star Trek Dating that I wasn’t able to explore due to not having a paid subscription, the portions of the website that I was able to access show promise to this small yet energetic community.Star Trek Dating is still a relatively new website that has a lot of room for growth.

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