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Does anybody really need to see that over and over in the final three weeks of the season?

Manning and the Giants produced 10 points -- zero in the second half -- against a subpar Cowboys defense.

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Any longer and he would've turned into Ryan Nassib, the fourth-round pick who rotted behind Manning and was gone before starting a game for the Giants.

"Really good" must be code for not throwing the game away until late in the fourth quarter. The Giants (2-11) need to get Webb experience, to at least start his evaluation process like Manning did during the 2004 season. There is no point in keeping the struggling quarterback in a bad offense with minimal weapons as the starter while their third-round pick remains inactive.

They can score 24 points or fewer with or without Manning in the lineup, and the two-time Super Bowl winner's relationship with the organization will need to be repaired regardless when a new coach and general manager are hired. Yet this is how the Giants are moving forward in this mess of a season that has already cost coach Ben Mc Adoo and general manager Jerry Reese their jobs.

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